Just Pausing… where did the name come from? When my passion for photography first hit me it was freedive photography. I was inspired from that moment forth that this is what I wanted to be doing in some form and from there came the idea that I wasn't holding my breath while diving down for a photo, I was Just Pausing before my next breath and I was Just Pausing before the next shutter release of my camera. 

From there I have photography weddings, engagements, events, family portraits, surfing, landscapes, seascapes, astro...but where I keep coming back to and where my path has been guided towards are one-off, fine art portraits. What defines this for me? That epic shot. I like to mix my love of underwater, seascapes and people to create an image which makes you take a moment, pause and appreciate the ethereal beauty of the form.

If this lights you up like it lights me up, give me a call 0448 490 846 or email me below and we can discuss what you have in mind.


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